Save Your Seat

The MLOps Live Webinar Series

Session #31

Save Your Seat

Tuesday 30th of July 2024 - 9am PST / 12 noon EST / 6pm CET

Building Scalable Customer-Facing Gen AI Applications Effectively & Responsibly

If you're building a gen AI application, such as a conversational agent that will be interacting directly with your customers, you're probably facing some of these challenges:

  • Minimizing AI hallucinations
  • Chatbot response times
  • Ensuring personally identifiable information (PII) remains secure
  • Ensuring the virtual agent is up to date with your company's policies and procedures
  • Creating a virtual agent that can converse in the correct tone of voice with each customer, based on the data you have on file (hyper-personalization)
  • Optimizing customer satisfaction
  • Reducing time spent on each interaction
  • Working at scale in a cost-effective way

In this session, we will discuss the unique challenges of implementing gen AI in production environments, when agents are in direct contact with your customers.

We'll share the Iguazio & MongoDB one-stop-shop solution for building gen AI applications that scale effectively and efficiently, with built-in guardrails and monitoring. We'll show how the end-to-end application lifecycle is addressed – From data management all the way to governance and monitoring in production.

We'll share a live demo of a customer-facing agent conversing with different customers at a large bank, and adapting its responses and tone of voice to each customer. We'll also hold a live discussion and Q&A where you can ask your questions about the use case, architecture under the hood, or anything else on your mind.

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Presented By
Boris Bialek

Global Field CTO, MongoDB

Asaf Somekh

Co-Founder and CEO, Iguazio (acquired by McKinsey)

Ze'ev Rispler

ML Engineer, Iguazio (acquired by McKinsey)