Come and meet us at MLOps San Francisco

Let's Meet at MLOps San Francisco

This is not another data science conference about algorithms. The MLOps San Francisco conference focuses on managing and automating machine learning pipelines, to bring data science into real business applications. The conference will go beyond theory, with industry leaders sharing painful machine learning experiences that involve running experiments at scale, versioning, delivery to production, reproducibility and data access.

Come meet our team at the MLOps event on May 6, 2020 | San Francisco.



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About Iguazio

Iguazio is the leading data science platform for real-time AI applications. Backed by Bosch, Verizon Ventures, Samsung, CME Group, Dell and top financial investors, the company is led by serial entrepreneurs and a diverse team of innovators in the USA, UK, Singapore and Israel. Iguazio is partnered with dozens of technology companies including Azure, AWS, Google, NVIDIA and NetApp.

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