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Session #15

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Session #15: Automated Model Management for CPG Trade Effectiveness

59% of trade promotions globally fail to break even! 

Leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies excel at executing large scale trade promotions, but struggle in running precisely the right promotion at scale – Brand or SKU, Customer, Type of Promotion and Time Period.

MLOps practices help Trade Promotion Managers optimize trade spends with high precision through granular AI-based recommendation engines, effectively brought to production.

With the right processes and technologies, companies can also monitor their models and use this information to take proactive action on business drift in terms of actual and planned impact of promotions.

In this webinar, we will talk about enterprise scale, fully automated MLOps solutions for Trade Promotions, looking into the impact this can create for CPG companies, through a real-world example.

The MLOps Live Webinar Series is a collection of online events during which data science leaders explore the elements of managing and automating machine learning pipelines to bring data science into real business applications. The sessions go beyond theory, with industry leaders sharing challenges and practical solutions.

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Presented By
Pavan Nanjundaiah

Head of Engineering at Tredence

Sagar Balan

VP, CPG at Tredence

Yaron Haviv

Co-Founder and CTO, Iguazio