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Session #21

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HCI’s Journey to MLOps Efficiency

The economic waters are a bit choppy lately, and escalating costs are a huge concern for all companies. But it’s important to continue innovating with AI, to maintain a competitive edge.

What if there was a way to make the entire AI lifecycle efficient and effective?

A way to reuse existing components, share resources, continuously roll out new AI services, all while keeping costs from spiralling out of control.

This is just what the data science team at Home Credit International (HCI) is doing.

In this session, Jiri shares enterprise secrets to establishing efficient systems for ML/AI and how his team:

  • Builds ML pipelines
  • Leverages a feature store for ML feature sharing and reuse
  • Automates the entire data science process to take repetitive manual work out of the equation).

Watch the recording to hear Jiri and Yaron's fascinating deep dive into HCI’s journey to MLOps efficiency. Get a peek into their internal MLOps workflows and processes.
Presented By
Jiri Steuer

Enterprise Architect, Home Credit International

Yaron Haviv

Co-Founder and CTO, Iguazio