Quadient Saves Time and Costs Getting AI to Production

Quadient Case Study

Quadient is a leading provider of omni-channel customer experience solutions, delivering eight billion personalized experiences annually. 

To help its clients deliver more meaningful customer experiences to consumers, Quadient needed a way to unify and combine every single data type they work with to create AI applications that run at scale and in real time.

Iguazio provided Quadient with an out-of-the-box data science platform and next-level MLOps automation capabilities that saved their data scientists and developers precious time and resources, thus bringing Quadient’s data science initiatives to life quickly and efficiently.

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About Iguazio

The Iguazio Data Science Platform enables enterprises to develop, deploy and manage AI applications at scale.  With Iguazio, enterprises can run AI models in real-time, deploy them anywhere (multi-cloud, VPC or on-prem), and bring to life their most ambitious data-driven strategies. Iguazio is backed by top strategic investors such as Bosch, Verizon Ventures, Samsung, CME, Group and Dell, and is partnered with dozens of technology companies including Azure, AWS, Google, NVIDIA and NetApp. 

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